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Meldrumacid or 2,2-dimethyl-1,3-dioxane-4,6-dione is an organic compound. The compound was first made in 1908 by Andrew Norman Meldrum by a condensation reaction of malonic acid with acetone in acetic anhydride and sulfuric acid. As an alternative to its
Cyclic-isopropylidene Malonate
Xinxiang Hongqi District Houyuan Trading Co.,ltd has 7 years of experience in producing cyclic-isopropylidene malonate. Through condensation of hydroxyl aldehyde and reduction with triethylamine formaldehyde, benzyl substituted Meldrum's acid was hydr
Meldrum's Acid 2033-24-1
Name: Meldrum's acidCAS: 2033-24-1Molecular formula: C6H8O4Mlecular structure: Meldrum's acid 2033-24-1
Sub-Isopropyl Malonate
Sub-Isopropyl malonate is white crystalline powder, CAS:2033-24-1, Is the intermediate of meropenem. And it's our company's Main products, We have obtained exclusive agency in the Japanese market.
Xinxiang Hongqi District Houyuan Trading Co.,ltd is specialized in 2,2-Dimethyl-1,3-dioxane-4,6-dione。Add concentrated sulfuric acid to the suspension composed of malonic acid and acetic anhydride after stirring. After most malonic acid is dissolved, it i
2-port VoIP PABX, Suitable for 100 Staff Enterprise, Best Choice, Supports VoIP/SIP Trunk Max 32
Model Number: VoIP PABX02 Brand Name: houyuan Key Specifications/Special Features: FeaturesOpen source asteriskuClinux operating systemConfigurable IVR menuOver 50-100 available SIP/IAX2 extensions for SMB use20 concurrent callsVoicemail to e-...
8-port VoIP Asterisk Analog Phones to Existing PBXs Card, Over Internet SIP/IAX2,Support 8 FXO/FXS
Model Number: Asterisk TDM800P PCI-E Brand Name: Houyuan Key Specifications/Special Features: Features:Supports 1-8FXO/FXS with PCI-E interfaceSupports Asterisk, FreeSWITCH, Dahdi, ZaptelSupports Trixbox, Elastix, AskoziaApplications: PBX/voice ...
4-port VoIP Phone PBX,Suitable for 100 Staff Enterprise, Supports VPN L2TP/IP PBX Smart IVR System
Model Number: Smart IVR system Brand Name: Houyuan Key Specifications/Special Features: Features:VoIP gateway/IP PBXOpen source asteriskConfigurable IVR menuOver 50 to 100 available SIP/IAX2 extensions for SMB use20 concurrent callsCall forwar...
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